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The procedure of backing up all new and modified records. The encrypted backup archive is stored on the host running the QubiBox application. The backup feature is seamless and can be enabled only after QubiBox is linked with a QubiBox device.


After the maximum number of wrong login attempts is reached, your login may be temporarily blocked from further use. The unblock feature is enabled only after application is linked with a QubiBox device. Entering the Power Password allows to unblock your login and access the linked QubiBox device.


A Boxed record can be created, viewed, modified and deleted only after you connect the QubiBox device and confirm by pressing the function button. The Box/Unbox toggle becomes available only after the application is linked with a QubiBox device.


A collection of records which share the same attributes. In QubiBox app there are four preset Categories: Web, Email, Finance and Cards. Using the Category Builder wizard, you can create your own custom Category by choosing the number and type of attributes that each record in the new category should have.


In this mode, the linked QubiBox device is connected over Bluetooth or USB to the host computer or mobile device running the QubiBox application.


The operation that removes the link association of a QubiBox device with the application. This feature can be selected only from the login screen and can be requested also in disconnected mode. All the records stored in QubiBox app which are linked with the detached QubiBox login will be permanently deleted. The detach operation, however, doesn’t delete any of the data stored on the linked QubiBox device and allows keeping any associated backup archives.


The collection of data of critical value to you as a private individual, such as: passwords for emails and websites, bank accounts and ATM codes, credit cards and PINs, medical records, passport and IDs, driver’s license, alarm codes, software licenses, wireless codes, phone numbers, accounting files, contracts, testament and biological will, images and photos, movies, sound recordings, etc.


In this mode, the QubiBox application is ran without connecting the linked QubiBox to the host computer or mobile device. All product features are enabled and all records (both boxed and unboxed) are listed also in disconnected mode, but you may be asked to connect your QubiBox if required by the specific feature and record you are trying to use.


The operation that associates the QubiBox application with a QubiBox device. During the link operation, all the data stored in QubiBox are synched with the connected QubiBox device.


The Login Password is the string of characters you need to enter at the login prompt in order to use the QubiBox application.


A passphrase is a string of characters typically much longer than a password, contains spaces between words and symbols, and doesn’t have to be a proper or grammatically correct sentence. The main advantages of good passphrases are length (hard for hackers to crack) and memorability (easy for you to remember).


The Power Password is the string of characters requested for three special operations: to unblock your login, to restore data from a backup archive or to link with a QubiBox. The QubiBox application will never require you to enter your Power Password during standard usage.


A hardware security device used for storing private information.The QubiBox connects over Bluetooth or USB to any client device (smart phone, tablet or PC) running the QubiBox application, the powerful password and information manager you can use to organize and secure your digital persona.


This operation returns the QubiBox device and the QubiBox application to the original factory configurations and permanently deletes all user data and preferences from storage. This operation cannot be undone.


This operation restores all the data of a backup archive to a new QubiBox device. You will be asked to enter the Power Password associated to the backup archive before its data can be restored.


After the maximum number of allowed unblock attempts have been reached, your login will be permanently sealed. The only allowed operation on a sealed login and QubiBox is a Reset to factory default settings, an operation which will delete all user data and preferences.


In this mode, the QubiBox application is used without linking it with a QubiBox device.


The operation that synchronizes the data on the QubiBox device with that kept on the QubiBox application. Synchronization is enabled only after the application is linked with a QubiBox.


The unboxed records and their keys are permanently encrypted and stored both on the QubiBox and on your mobile or PC. Unboxed records can be accessed and modified also without connecting the QubiBox, but they are more exposed to any malware or spyware active on your mobile device or PC.