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Our core team has over 10 years’ experience in building software-hardware solutions for securing data and transactions for some of the most prestigious global financial institutions and for critical infrastructures, such as nuclear sites and power plants.

What we realized in the process is that the security products currently available to the average individual for managing his/her private information are fundamentally inadequate against the threats posed by malware and spyware to mobile devices and computers. At the same time, the pervasiveness of in-the-Cloud storage and sharing platforms seems to suggest no other usable alternative to consumers than to trust service providers also for storing and synchronizing their most private information.

With QubiBox™ we tried to fill this gap in both usability and security which we believed needed to be urgently addressed. We are proud of the result and believe it empowers users far more than any other alternative available in the market today. However, as professionals in security, we understand well the limitations of any security product, including the QubiBox™. This is especially true given that strong security can hardly be delivered by a single product, but rather is the result of a process which engages many different components, some also beyond the control of security vendors, not the least the end-users' behavior.

The common practice of overstating a product's performance and benefits just to increase sales is outside of our company culture. Our goal and commitment to you, customers and supporters, is to provide a best in class solution for managing your private information, applying some of the strongest methods and technologies currently used in the enterprise security industry. This is a continuing effort and commitment to improving the quality and security of QubiBox™, which already today can allow you to finally take back control over your most sensitive information and keep your private data where it belongs: with you!

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